Lingerie Product Image in Portuguese Underwear Market: From Brand to Consumer, a Perceived Lingerie Image

By A. B. Filipe, G. Montagna and Cristina Carvalho.

Published by The International Journal of the Image

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Lingerie is a primary element of contact with the body, therefore generates a special attention from an aesthetic and technical point of view.
Since always related with the sense of shame (Bologne 1986) it has the functionality to hide what the vision offends (Piveteau 2005).
Lingerie image is subject to a personal evaluation and perception due to cultural differences, body type distinctions, as well as social membership and imaginary projection, structuring the outside image of the body starting from the inside (Benson 1996; Cox 2000).
With the power of creating collective imagination, lingerie is a powerful element of seduction and self-creation (Cox 2008; Shaskan 2007). However, the image of comfort seems to be gaining prominence among the preferences of consumers (Bressler 1999).
The aim of this work is to show the result of more than 100 enquiries directed to feminine lingerie consumers within the Portuguese market. Questions were divided in 3 different areas such as consumer identification, Portuguese consumer lingerie market and lingerie product (Stake 1995). The data gathered from the users will be compared with the data gathered by the national lingerie brands enquiry in terms of image, brand and product requirements (Gray 2009).
The suggested results show that lingerie image, proposed by Portuguese lingerie brands could be perceived in a very different way by the Portuguese consumer, demonstrating the existing gap between the consumer and the brand’s perception concerning the same brand image.
The present trend is directed towards greater comfort and functionality due to the change of beauty canons. This evolution presents a new Lingerie image that suppresses the extremes of the market (Castilho 2008).

Keywords: Lingerie, Visual Image, Consumer Perception, Brand Perception, Feminine Underwear

The International Journal of the Image, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp.51-68. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.326MB).

A. B. Filipe

Researcher, Department of Masters and PhD in Design, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon, Marinhais, Santarém, Portugal

In this moment I’m working as a PhD researcher at the Design area and work at Department of Masters and PhD in Design. I have degree in Fashion Design (UBI), Master of Design (FAUTL) course on visual merchandising (CECOA) course on shop window (ESAD) Workshop on Inclusive Design, Photography Workshop. Organization and participation as a designer at fashion shows. First prize in the contest “Capinha fashion” with the Group ASAfashion. My research field is specialized in Fashion Design, where I was interested in the relationship between the user and the product, brand image, product development, Fashion image and Fashion history. I have developed a work in a Portuguese brand in Visual Merchandising and shop window. I speak Portuguese (mother tongue), English and Spanish. I have personal interests as a taste for theater and films where I am great admirer of period movies; collaborating on social and environmental causes; with good ability to communicate; passion for photography, where I collaborate in the work spot.

G. Montagna

Assistant Professor, Fashion Design, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Assistant Professor at the Fashion Course of the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon is a design PhD student in the field of smart clothes and smart systems applied to textiles. His research main interests are garment technology, garment construction, smart clothes and all the relations between the body and the clothes.

Cristina Carvalho

Assistante Professor, Techology Department, Technical University of Lisbon, Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Doctor from the IST of the Technical University of Lisbon she is an Assistant Professor at the Fashion Design Course if the Faculty of Architecture. She is deeply interested in biotechnology, textile construction and the study of the creative path and methodology developed by designers during creation.